15 Gallon Conical Fermenter and Chamber

This is (for now, but who can really tell) the last of the big builds for our brewery.  We started looking at the FastFerment conical fermenters, but at less than 8 gallons, it was pointless.  This sent me on a search for something we could use for our 10 gallon batches.  After looking in to many choices, we decided that stainless was just too damn expensive.  Plastic seemed to be out of reach, too, until I found Continue reading “15 Gallon Conical Fermenter and Chamber”

Brew Cart

To bring it all together, we needed a Brew Cart.  After looking at different designs (wood vs. metal, single tier vs. 3-tier gravity) and gas manifolds, I knew that I wanted a jet burner for the Brew Kettle.  Then I saw a jet burner in action.  That was it.   I knew I needed one.  In looking for a jet burner, I found the solution to the Brew Stand need:
Continue reading “Brew Cart”