External HERMS Coil

I’ve been wanting to put this together for quite some time.  I’ve had the coil for a long time and the Quick Disconnects have been installed onto the hoses for about as long.  Well, now is that time.  I am going to use this HERMS coil externally because I do not want to install it into my HLT.  It will also make the system more modular to be its own entity. Continue reading “External HERMS Coil”

Whirpool Port added to Brew Kettle

In an effort to never let well enough alone, I decided to add a whirlpool port to our brew kettle.  I was actually unhappy with the side pickup tube that was installed.  The vacuum broke way too early due to the size of the tube.  The result was half an inch of wort left in the kettle when transferring to the fermenter.  This wasn’t much of an issue since I could place my strainer over Continue reading “Whirpool Port added to Brew Kettle”

20 Gallon Boil Kettle

Throughout the upgrade process, the one thing I took for granted was the HLT.  I figured we would just use the pot from our 5 Gallon extract brews, no worries.  Then we checked the capacity of the pot.  Somehow, 22 quarts was a surprise.  Yes, we boiled 3 Gallons of wort and added water in the fermentor to reach our targeted volume. but this was never really thought about until about 10 days prior to out first 10 Gallon All Grain brew day.
Continue reading “20 Gallon Boil Kettle”

Making an Immersion Chiller more efficient

So, let’s get started with the first piece of equipment to be detailed here: the Immersion Chiller.  I had seen plenty of YouTube videos showing how to make one of these and had no doubts about the process.  The thing that got me, though, is the prices that were quoted for the copper tubing.  25 feet for $20 or so?  Yeah, right.  I knew that I was going to convert a keg in which I would be Continue reading “Making an Immersion Chiller more efficient”