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It’s that time again!  It’s been a few brews since I have shown the labels that have been created to identify them.  I never detailed our labeling process in the last label entry.  I print the labels six to a page on a color laser printer, using regular paper.  They’re easy enough to cut out using scissors, but there is ALWAYS a better way.  I use a paper cutter to make quick work of the process.  To affix the labels to the bottles, we use glue sticks.  I like to use the purple glue sticks so I can see where I applied the glue.

18 Glue Sticks for $6.99

First off, we have a Coffee Porter that we put together using Starbucks Sumatra Coffee.  Since many view Starbucks as an Evil company, I ran with that idea to create this:

I created a QR code that is now a part of the labels.  Of course, scanning the code will bring you to this blog.

Next, we did a double brew day to get very different brews ready for a wedding.  For these labels, I created a back label and printed them on self-adhesive sheets that I ordered from, yes, Amazon.  The tops of the front labels are arched, but do not show that way in these pictures, since I did not have to arch them to print them.  The date at the top of the labels pretty much follows the arch.



The Belgian Wheat has white caps and the Caramel Porter has black.

Here are the labels I used:
Front Labels
Back Labels

Our next brew was a Hefeweizen.  Since this is a German beer, I went to explore German folklore and quickly came up with, what I think, is a pretty awesome label.

Digging into Scottish lore, we found this gruesome creature.  This was also our first High Gravity brew…

…so we did a partigyle and got a good Scotch Ale at 3.9% ABV.

As you can see, I’ve added the standard Government Warning.  As they progress, the labels should start looking like those for commercial beers.  That’s the goal, anyway.

I enjoy making the labels and researching the folklore of different regions.  It also gives me something to do between brews.

As you have probably noticed, We have changed both the name of the brewery and the logo we are using.  The name of the brewery was far too common.  We didn’t want any legal entanglements if, for some insane reason, we ever decided to go pro.  Which is also the reason for the logo change.  You may have noticed that the center of the bottle cap was also the center of the White Zombie logo.

Welcome to Ales of the Dead!

Our theme will stay the same, and now our logo is 100% custom and is truly ours.  It took some time to create, but is worth it!

I have also opened the comments up to everyone, you no longer have to register to comment, so feel free.  Feedback is always welcome and appreciated.

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