Fermentation Heat Source

Here’s another simple one.  The heat source for the fermentation chamber.  Surprisingly enough, there are NO Amazon purchases here.  All from The Home Depot.

The power cord is a long Computer power cord I had lying around.

First, I determined the size holes I needed for both the socket and the power cord and drilled them into the top. The center hole is for the socket, the one near the edge, the power cord.

Then I cleaned up the underside of the lid as the drill left it sharp and jagged.

Cut the female end off the power cord and feed it through the hole in the lid.  Strip the outer insulation to show the wires with which you will be working.  Since the socket only has 2 terminals, I cut the ground wire flush with the outside insulation.

Attach the socket to the power cord.

Mount the socket to the lid of the can using the nut provided.  Plug in the cord and twist the knob to turn on the light.

Place lid on can.  Note how quickly the can heats up.  Even faster than a small space heater!

And there you have it.  A viable heat source for your fermentation chamber for $10.12.

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