Beer Line Cleaner for Kegerator

Those that keg are always looking for an easy way to clean beer lines in between kegs.  I know brewers that go two or three kegs between cleaning lines.  With this little gem, you’ll have no issue with cleaning the lines between each keg swap.

Sure, at $36.94, there may be less expensive ways to clean your lines, but not likely easier ways.
Here are the parts I used:

From Amazon:
EcoPlus Submersible Pump – 132 gph – 4.3 ft. max – 9W – 3/8 in. ID – $14.21
Anderson Metals Brass Hose Fitting, Connector, 3/8″ Barb x 1/4″ Female Pipe – $3.76

From Adventures in Homebrewing:
Plug Adapter 1/4″ MPT x 19/32″ – $5.99
Keg Post Conversion Kit (pin lock to ball lock) 19/32-18 Thread – $9.99
Shipping was a flat rate of $2.99 and is calculated into the total cost above.

I did have some extra beer line, as many keggers do.  If you do not have any, either as around of get a bit.  I used 18″ in this build.

Parts are in!

You can see the pump has flow control that can be adjusted to your system.

It also comes with three output spouts.  The smallest spout fit my line perfectly.

The keg posts come as a set.  Use the one without the grooves in the hex.  The grooves indicate that it is a gas post.

This is the main part of the build here.  We have the Beer side post, then the poppet going onto the Cornelius adapter screwing in to the barb.

4-6 turns with the teflon tape and the assembly is complete.

Using a heat gun (or boiling water, or a hair dryer), heat the end of the beer line so that it git over the output spout.

Repeat the step above to slip the beer line over the barb.

This is the end result and your build is complete.  I know, I know.  I can hear you saying that this is too simple a build to be so easy an effective.  That’s part of the charm!

Get you favorite cleaner, I use Beer Line Cleaner, and you’re ready to go.


Pop the output spout onto the top of the pump.

Place the pump into a vessel containing the cleaning solution.  Disconnect the Liquid (Beer) Post from the keg and attach it to the Ball Lock Post on the hose from the pump.

Set a second vessel to catch the beer in the line.

Open the faucet and plug the pump in to power.  Once the beer is out of the line and the solution is coming out clear, place the vessel containing the pump under the tap you are cleaning to recirculate the cleaning solution.

You can let this run for as long as you would like.  A five-minute minimum is what I shoot for.  I usually set this to recirculate as I remove the empty keg and grab the replacement keg.  Sometimes, with 4 kegs in the fridge, this can be a bit of an undertaking.

Lastly, if your cleaning vessel has a lid, you can house the whole cleaning system inside making it totally self-contained.

The simplest way to clean your lines for under $40!  The less time spent cleaning efficiently, the more time you can spend on making and drinking beer.  Enjoy…

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