Building a Stir Plate

Since we are graduating to 10 Gallon All Grain batches, we need to create yeast starters.  Otherwise the cost of yeast is crazy.  By creating a starter, we only need to purchase one package of yeast for most brews, instead of 2 or more.  To create a starter most efficiently, you need a stir plate.  This will stir the yeast, oxygenating it and propagating yeast growth.  A constant stir also knocks the carbon dioxide out of suspension.  Carbon dioxide is a by-product of yeast growth and also inhibits yeast growth.
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Temperature Controller for Fermentation

Today, I will be detailing the temperature controller for the planned fermentation chamber.  I had read a lot about the STC-1000 controller and see it on eBay for around $20.  I started to research the module and found that is came from China and reported the temperature in Celsius.  Living in America, this was an inconvenience, but not insurmountable.  Then I happened across Continue reading “Temperature Controller for Fermentation”

Making an Immersion Chiller more efficient

So, let’s get started with the first piece of equipment to be detailed here: the Immersion Chiller.  I had seen plenty of YouTube videos showing how to make one of these and had no doubts about the process.  The thing that got me, though, is the prices that were quoted for the copper tubing.  25 feet for $20 or so?  Yeah, right.  I knew that I was going to convert a keg in which I would be Continue reading “Making an Immersion Chiller more efficient”