Brew Shed

Ah, yes!  The day had finally come.  I’m building a Brew Shed!  I’m very excited to be able to do this.  As this will be the single biggest project for the ‘brewery’, it will also be the one that takes the most time.
After researching the sizes I was able to build without permits and EPA studies, the 12′ x 12′ was the largest.  Once that was determined, I had to choose the shed.  Would I have it built and delivered?  Built on site?  Build myself?  After checking in to all of these options, I determined that I could save about $3000 by building it myself – and I could build it myself.

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20 Gallon Boil Kettle

Throughout the upgrade process, the one thing I took for granted was the HLT.  I figured we would just use the pot from our 5 Gallon extract brews, no worries.  Then we checked the capacity of the pot.  Somehow, 22 quarts was a surprise.  Yes, we boiled 3 Gallons of wort and added water in the fermentor to reach our targeted volume. but this was never really thought about until about 10 days prior to out first 10 Gallon All Grain brew day.
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Brew Cart

To bring it all together, we needed a Brew Cart.  After looking at different designs (wood vs. metal, single tier vs. 3-tier gravity) and gas manifolds, I knew that I wanted a jet burner for the Brew Kettle.  Then I saw a jet burner in action.  That was it.   I knew I needed one.  In looking for a jet burner, I found the solution to the Brew Stand need:
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